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Does ZenSales update my orders in my ControlPad back office?

With every sync, ZenSales will capture the latest snapshot of orders from your ControlPad back office. ZenSales will in turn update your back office as orders move through the shipping process. But before you start syncing there are...

Things to know:

You MUST NOT set the status as Shipping before syncing your orders to ZenSales. You MUST keep your orders as Unfulfilled, Pending, or Held before you sync your orders. If you do move your orders to Shipping before syncing then order information may not import properly and our features may not reflect the correct points. Now that we have the correct status for an order...

Let's break this down:

An Unfulfilled (or Pending) order will come into ZenSales with the status of Ready to ship. From here you can either buy a label or choose to Skip Shipping if you are delivering in-person.

Orders in Hold will come into ZenSales with the status of Back Ordered and be sorted much farther down in your orders list. If you want to find these orders in ZenSales for any reason you can use the status filter to search for Back Ordered. If an order imports with the status of "Back Ordered" when it needs to be shipped, just log into ControlPad and update the status to either Unfulfilled or Pending. Once you do then the orders will update properly within ZenSales.

When you take action on an order in ZenSales, i.e. buy or print a shipping label, the order will immediately move to the Shipping status in your back office and order details will update with tracking information. 

Once USPS has delivered a shipment, we will then move it to Fulfilled (a.k.a. Delivered in ZenSales) so you do NOT have to manually move them. We will also set this status automatically if you choose to Skip Shipping on a particular order in ZenSales.

Lastly, if a label is canceled in ZenSales, we will remove the tracking number and set the status back to unfulfilled in both systems. In summary, an order in ControlPad will go from Unfulfilled to Shipping to Fulfilled. Shipping is an overarching status to denote the shipping process has started, yet the customer has not yet received the package. All status changes happen automatically through our integration and you can check on order status in any system at any time!

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